Cheyenne’s Continued Success
Monday, March 13th, 2023

Cheyenne joined United Friends’ Scholars Program in 2018 while she was working towards her BA in Psychology. Over her time with United Friends, she faced numerous challenges with her health and personal responsibilities, but continued to show tremendous grit and perseverance.

Despite extended hospital stays and countless doctor visits, working full time, and caring for her two beautiful children, Cheyenne remained engaged in our program and was able to stay on top of her studies as a full-time student. She took extra classes during the summer and advocated for resources that would help support her academic goals. United Friends also played a part in providing financial support, a challenge that may have otherwise caused Cheyenne to take a break from school or drop out altogether.

With all her hard work paying off, Cheyenne graduated a semester early this past December and will begin a Master’s program in Social Work at Cal State Long Beach in the fall. Cheyenne has shared that her drive and determination comes from her desire to provide for her children and see them grow and succeed. Congrats Cheyenne on all your hard work and early graduation!

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