Change A Life

"All we need is one person. One person to tell us they love us, one person to care for us, one person to show us there is hope."

La Teesha, Pathways Program and College Sponsorship Graduate
UFC Connecting The Community

Getting involved with UFC is about more than volunteering, providing internships or in-kind contributions. It’s about learning, collaborating and sharing your skills with the UFC family of current and former foster youth, staff, board members and other community partners. Join UFC and be part of the change for foster kids

"As soon as our kids wrapped their head around what it would be like to head off to college without the kind of support they get at home, they were instantly inspired to spring into action and help provide dorm supplies to UFC’s College Sponsorship Program students."

Tommy Smeltzer
Program Director, Chaminade HS Robotics Team

Volunteers Make A Difference
420 volunteers
2,930 hours of services
Valued at $67,390

Join Our UFC Community, Volunteer.

Whether you enjoy assisting in the office, cooking or helping guide foster youth on their path to college, we welcome your support.

Steps to becoming a volunteer
  1. Review open positions on VolunteerMatch Attend an orientation Interview Background Check + Fingerprinting Training + Service
"The holiday gift wrap event at UFC was a great teambuilding event for our office. It was inspiring to witness UFC's dedication and determination in helping children in need."
Karlin Asset Management

In-kind Donations

Simple ways to make a difference for Foster Youth

Wish List
  1. Laptops Gift cards Dorm move-in kits School supplies Holiday gifts

Get your friends, family and colleagues together—other people who care about the foster kids living nearby and want to make a difference. Host a fundraising drive, post our cause on your Facebook page, donate gift cards to help pay for food, clothing, alarm clocks, backpacks and much more!

Provide Internships

These opportunities for youth in our  Pathways and College Sponsorship Programs can be life-changing. Paid internships typically run 8-10 weeks, 25-40 hours per week and give youth the opportunity to explore career interests and gain valuable hands-on work experience, and often lead to full-time employment.

Internship Partners Make a Difference Since 2010, nearly 200 UFC interns were placed with 100 companies

"When Zharki walked into my office the very first day, the very first minute that I met him, he said to me, ‘I’m going to exceed your expectations every single day and I’m going to be the best intern you have ever had.’ And it turns out he was actually right. He wound up at the end to be the best intern I’ve ever had."

Brian Deputy
VP, WB Consumer Products / Art Design