Get an Apartment. Find a Job. Build Relationships.

Pathways Housing

Pathways is an 18-36 month housing program offering a full spectrum of support and opportunities for former foster and probation youth including housing, educational mentoring and assistance, career/vocational counseling and development, life skills training, health education and mental health services, and alumni services, all aimed at increasing youth’s self-sufficiency.


Graduate High School. Go to College. Get a Degree.

United Friends Scholars

United Friends offers education support that follows LA County foster youth from the sixth grade through the completion of a Bachelor’s Degree. Students can join at any point along their educational journey.  If grade level is at capacity at the time of referral, student may be placed on a waitlist. To refer or apply, click LEARN MORE below.

Where United Friends students are attending college

“UFC has been like a second family and has always been there for me. My life with UFC has changed me completely. I learned who I am, what I want to become, and how I can get there.”

—Ruby A., United Friends graduate