Get an Apartment. Find a Job. Build Relationships.

Pathways Housing

Pathways is an 18-36 month housing program offering a full spectrum of support and opportunities for former foster and probation youth including housing, educational mentoring and assistance, career/vocational counseling and development, life skills training, health education and mental health services, and alumni services, all aimed at increasing youth’s self-sufficiency.


Graduate High School. Go to College. Get a Degree.

United Friends Scholars

United Friends offers an 11-year education support continuum that follows LA County foster youth from the seventh grade through the completion of a Bachelor’s Degree. Starting as early as the 7th grade and following students through college graduation, we provide academic preparation and other forms of support to and through college. Activities include college counseling, workshops, college tours, enrichment and social activities, tutoring, as well as emergency and enrichment grants. Students can join in grades 7-8, at the end of grade 10 or as a community college student planning to transfer to a bachelor’s degree granting institution within two years.



Where United Friends students are attending college

“UFC has been like a second family and has always been there for me. My life with UFC has changed me completely. I learned who I am, what I want to become, and how I can get there.”

—Ruby A., United Friends graduate