David Seeks Help During COVID-19
Friday, January 28th, 2022

Education Scholar, David, and his caregiver have been greatly affected by COVID-19. During a 1:1 session with his counselor, David disclosed that he had been struggling with his History course. Additionally, he shared that his caregiver’s job status and income had been negatively impacted by the surge of COVID-19 cases, causing her to fall behind on utility bills. This caused her to fall behind on utility bills. David’s counselor assessed the situation and was able to both provide him with tutoring support to help with his class, as well as financial assistance for his caregiver to help pay for electricity and gas bills. David has reported that he is doing much better in his class after receiving the educational support he needed and not worrying about the financial burdens at his home.

At UFC, we are so thankful for the opportunity to help foster youth like David and his caregiving family during times of need to help them focus on their education and future dreams.

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