PAST EVENT: 2019 Celebration Graduation

Honoring the Academic Achievements
of Foster Youth


Since 1990, this annual event has recognized foster youth who graduate from high school with a 2.8 grade point average or higher and plan to attend a college, university, trade or vocational school. All of the foster youth participating in Celebration receive college sponsorships in varying amounts.


170 college-bound young adults, many of them the first in their families to attend college, will proudly take center stage to be honored for their success as part of the 31st annual “Celebration 2019: Honoring the Academic Achievements of Foster Youth.” 


Hundreds of friends, foster parents, family members, and social workers will celebrate the proud graduates as they march across the stage to honor this significant milestone in their lives—an occasion marked by academic achievement and triumph over adversity.  Vaneisha Reed, a Celebration 2012 alumna and a Harvard College graduate will share her successes and challenges since leaving foster care, encouraging the graduates to stay focused on their academic goals and personal dreams.  All “Celebration 2019” graduates will receive scholarships and have  access to continued financial assistance.



  • Tiffany Haddish, comedian, actress, author, and former foster youth
  • 170 graduating foster and probation youth
  • Vaneisha Reed, Former Foster Youth, Celebration 2012 Alumni, Harvard Fellow
  • Chris Schauble, emcee
  • Bobby Cagle, DCFS Director
  • Terri McDonald, Probation Chief


Where: Walt Disney Concert Hall, 111 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA  90012 

(Use entrance at corner of Grand & 2nd St.)   2nd Floor

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