Foster Care Hero of the Month
Wednesday, May 15th, 2024

We’re excited to introduce our May Hero of the Month, Francois Reihani! Combining his extensive experience in hospitality and philanthropy, Francois founded La La Land Kind Cafe in 2019 and the La La Land Foundation this month to hire and mentor youth aging out of the foster care system. Since its inception, La La Land Kind Cafe has expanded to 12 locations throughout Texas and California and continues to grow with incredible backing and support. Francois’ mission to promote kindness has inspired programming and initiatives that directly impact the foster youth community.

“These kids have never done anything wrong,” Reihani said. “When they turn 18, we throw them out into the street…It’s a completely broken and ignored system that needs to be solved. It’s exciting to see how we can think outside the box and revolutionize the industry.”

A huge thank you to Francois for your commitment and passion for improving the lives of foster youth!

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