Gabriel Completes Year 1 of College
Tuesday, August 9th, 2022

We want to congratulate one of our hardworking scholars, Gabriel, who completed his first year at Cal State LA and is now gearing up for his second year. His counselor describes him as being hardworking and responsible.

Gabriel’s transition to college was not easy as he was challenged by his college courses, time management of school work and a part-time job, and learning he didn’t feel connected to his chosen major. As a result, he was put on academic probation, which affected his financial aid. Gabriel felt frustrated and overwhelmed but, fortunately, he could lean on his counselor for guidance and support. Together, they created an action plan to improve his situation by the end of his first year. They both made objectives for each class, which taught and encouraged him to use his time wisely. He also planned out his studies each week, which helped him stay on track.

His counselor says, “Gabriel has been great about reaching out to process steps he has to take and talk about the different options he has in choosing a new major. We’ve talked about his passion for helping others and working with youth. Gabriel is a role model for his younger siblings, so I commend him for persisting through college even after a tough first year. Gabriel is still motivated to stay at CSULA and hopes to get back on track next year.”

Gabriel says he feels more confident to excel knowing that UFC supports him. We are rooting for you Gabriel and know that your perseverance amidst challenges will pay off! Keep working towards your goals!

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