David Subar
Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023

My first memory is seeing Armstrong set foot on the moon. I was in my stepmother’s parents’ house in Westchester County. I remember the TV and the room. That moment started me on my journey to want to work with technology.

I started my career in research and development at a military-owned think tank in Washington, DC, where I learned that I had confused science with engineering. The last thing I wanted to do was write papers on science that may only be reviewed by a couple of hundred people and never have any impact. What I wanted to do was use technology to create products that matter, that change markets, and change people’s lives. I became a developer, and then ran teams of engineers, became CTO of companies and then CPO. On that journey, I learned that by integrating those departments and building effective teams I was able to build great products, and fulfill my goal of building products that matter. Interna embodies everything I love about the tech industry: working alongside people and aligning focus to create better products faster. We have built a company that provides leverage for tech-enabled companies to move markets and provide value. Instead of writing research papers, we are invested in making moonshots work.

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