Erik Rollins
Tuesday, September 28th, 2021

Erik graduated from the Regionally Accredited Temple University with a Masters of Education Degree, in Counseling Psychology. During his career he has had the opportunity to provide mental health services to students in the Niagara Falls region, New Jersey public schools as well as other community based wraparound services in the Greater Philadelphia area. He has worked closely with families, appointed legal guardians, and other support teams to provide optimal care to those on his caseload. Erik has also worked across multiple populations (ID, Psychosis, individualized care programs, Homeless, LGBTQ+, etc.), and with children with various diagnoses (ADHD, spina bifida, autism, epilepsy, sickle cell anemia, cerebral palsy, etc.). In addition, he has served as one of the lead clinicians at an after school partial/wellness program providing mental health, crisis prevention, and other case management services.

Erik utilized a client-centered approach to therapy and believed in tailoring the modality of therapy to best fit client needs, whether that be utilizing mindfulness, spiritual, creative, structural or a more cognitive behavior emphasis. He believes in a collaborative, and transparent approach to therapy and work from a physiological and foundational conscious lens. Erik has many unique talents and interests and enjoys dance/movement, music, film, poetic, literary and other artistic arts. Furthermore, he enjoys nature and traveling and domestic/foreign foods.

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