Stephanie Mosley
Wednesday, October 11th, 2023

Stephanie M. Mosley is a Scholar, Screenwriter, Actor/Singer, Advocate for Survivors of interpersonal violence, and Liberation Activist in Los Angeles, CA, originally from Mobile, AL. She is a Graduate Student at Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education & Psychology, with a focus on Social Entrepreneurship & Change.

Stephanie is a leader who educates the masses about how to infuse Historical Empathy into our society to heal the generational wounds of racial bias within our economy and governance via The Black Alliance Transformation. It is with hope that this unique learning method can provide a stronger foundation for our nation’s morale to be rebuilt upon. As a Survivor Advocate, Stephanie is equally determined to infuse life, hope, joy, resources, and services into survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, and sex trafficking around the nation and world so that they can build a stronger foundation for their individual futures that is full of peace, self-love, hope, and new opportunities. This widespread healing will be shared within a unique event called The Antidote Conference, launching in LA in 2024. Stephanie’s impassioned efforts are also dedicated to markedly enhancing the lives and holistic opportunities of foster youths and unhoused adults.

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