Ruby Faces her Fears
Tuesday, January 17th, 2023

Ruby used her time wisely and worked really hard during the pandemic to get ahead in school. As a result, she completed her high school junior and senior years ahead of most in her class. But then, the reality and weight of what came next after high school as a foster youth hit her and she became anxious and afraid.

Thankfully, her counselor helped her address her feelings, explore her options and view her situation with more hope.

After touring her local community college, Ruby decided to attend this past fall to continue her education in pursuit of an English degree. Ruby dreams of becoming a writer and thanks to UFC’s support, she feels more confident about her future.

We are so proud of Ruby for persevering in the face of fear and uncertainty. We know she will continue to accomplish great things and we cannot wait to see her successful future unfolding.

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