The Power of Tutoring
Tuesday, February 7th, 2023

When our youth struggle in school or in a specific subject, we do what it takes to get them the proper support so that they can succeed and thrive in their education. Over the last year, 56 of our education students have received individualized tutoring and the outcomes are exciting!

– 56 youth received 1428 hours of tutoring, an average of 25.5 hours per youth.
– Our average student started tutoring with a grade of D + (1.62) and ended with a B (3.02).
– 38 of our youth received tutoring in Math subjects such as calculus, algebra, and geometry.
– Youth also received support in courses such as Chemistry, English, and U.S. History as well as LSAT and GRE programs.
– 53 of the 56 youth increased their grade post-tutoring (94%) with the other 3 retaining the same grade.

When you support UFC, you help make this kind of positive change possible for our kids.

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