UFC selected by The Tomorrows Project
Wednesday, February 1st, 2017
We are honored to have been selected as the winning idea for a better tomorrow by The Tomorrows Project, TOMS Employees’ Social Entrepreneurship Fund

UFC was awarded $10,000 in support of the foster youth in our College Readiness and Sponsorship Programs. The Tomorrows Project is a unique program for TOMS employees based on the simple idea that good ideas are worth investing in. TOMS employees are empowered to become social entrepreneurs and ambassadors for good. TOMS created a digital platform for employees to post their ideas (such as build a community garden, organize relief efforts for a natural disaster, send a student to science camp, etc.). Once a month, the entire TOMS global staff votes for their favorite idea and TOMS will fund (up to $10,000) one employee’s winning idea for a better tomorrow. UFC was the 12th project to be funded in 2016.

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