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We Can Help you Graduate High School. Go to College. Get a Degree. Get an Apartment. Find a Job. Build Relationships.

  • Pathways Housing

    Pathways is an 18-36 month program for emancipated youth who are at risk of homelessness. We offer dynamic and comprehensive services to youth who are receptive to a program with enriched service offerings beyond housing and provide youth with the necessary life skills and emotional support to become financially self-supporting and emotionally stable.

    1. Program Services
      • Furnished apartments
      • Advocacy and counseling services,weekly hour-long contacts with counselors
      • Independent living skills training
      • Educational guidance and career development
      • On-site mental health counseling
      • Apartment/housing resources and referrals throughout Los Angeles upon exit from program
    2. Eligibility
    3. Coordinated Entry System Access Points, Emergency Shelters, and Resources

      The closest Coordinated Entry System (CES) Access Point to our offices where you can complete the Next Step Tool is My Friend’s Place. Their phone number is 323-908-0011 and they are located at 5850 Hollywood Blvd. If you are in need of emergency shelter, the closest option to us for youth is Covenant House. Their phone number is 323-461-3131 and they are located at 1325 N. Western Ave.

      If you need more options for emergency shelter or other resources you can call:

    4. Pathways Alumni Program

      Any youth who has participated in the Pathways Program, regardless of time and reason for exit, may receive services that include:

      • Exit assistance when transitioning out of the program
      • Advanced Independence Training (AIT) for successful program participants
      • Mental health services for 3-6 months after exiting the program
      • Career and education services including internships and job search support
      • Transportation assistance including up to three months of bus passes
      • Alumni events including the Annual Pathways Christmas Eve Celebration

      If you are a Pathways Program Alumni, please contact Romana Veera for more information – or 213-507-3428.

  • Scholars

    United Friends offers an 11-year education support continuum that follows LA County foster youth from the seventh grade through the completion of a Bachelor’s Degree. Starting as early as the 7th grade and following students through college graduation, we provide academic preparation and other forms of support to and through college. Activities include college counseling, workshops, college tours, enrichment and social activities, tutoring, as well as emergency and enrichment grants. Students can join in grades 7-8, at the end of grade 10 or as a community college student planning to transfer to a bachelor’s degree granting institution within two years.

    1. Program Services
      • Long-term relationships – to surround you with a community of people who care deeply about you and your future.
      • Workshops – to build your college readiness skills and build relationships with your peers.
      • College tours – to help you figure out what you want in a college and what you need to do to get there.
      • Enrichment financial grants –  to expand your world through hands on experiences.
      • Tutoring and test preparation – to give you the tools you need to find success in school.
      • College and financial aid application support – to help you navigate your way through application season with less stress and increase your chances of college acceptance and more financial support.
      • Career exploration and development – to align your interests, strengths, and desires with career path.
      • Persistence grants – to help through the hard times that inevitably arise.
    2. When & How to Join

      The Scholars Program accepts new students throughout their educational journey. Potential new scholars must join at one of three entry points into the program.   Current 7th or 8th graders applicants must:

      • Be a LA County foster youth with an open case (including reunification and family maintenance) or those in Kinship or Legal Guardianship placements; and
      • Not exhibit extreme violent behavior or be in all-day special education classes without plans to transition to general education.

        Current 10th graders – applicants must:

      • Be LA County foster youth with an open case (including reunification and family maintenance) or those in Kinship or Legal Guardianship placements.

        Current Community College students – applicants must:

      • Be a current or former Los Angeles County foster youth who is/was ILP eligible and under the age of 24 years old (including Kin-GAP, ILP eligible legal guardianship, or adoption);
      • Be a current community college student connected to an on-campus support program; and
      • Plan to transfer to a non-profit Bachelor’s Degree Granting Institution within the next two years.

      For more information, please contact Carol Larkin at 213-580-1850 or

    United Friends taught me what I needed to do to get into college, through fun and informative workshops and enrichment activities.

    —Theresa, Student


Information, resources, and applications for current and former foster youth


Information and links on scholarships for foster youth, housing, careers, advocacy and more


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Call 211
United Friends is not a crisis drop-in center. If you need immediate help, please call 211 —a referral line for housing, food, employment, health care and more
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