Why United Friends?

We believe that it is not a question of ability of foster youth, but a question of access to the right resources and opportunities

There are
foster youth in LA County,
the largest concentration in our nation,
and the odds are stacked against them.
The way to unlock the potential of foster youth is through long-term consistent relationships.

By forging trusting relationships with the youth in our programs, we are addressing the single most critical emotional need for foster youth.

The Challenges Facing Foster Youth
36% of California foster youth become homeless within 18 months of aging out of foster care
One in four foster youth become incarcerated within two years of aging out of care and up to 70% of CA prison inmates have spent time in foster care
Poor Educational Attainment
46% of foster youth do not graduate from high school and less than 3% earn a college degree
Physical Health
50% of all female foster youth will become pregnant by age 19
Emotional Health
50% of foster youth have significant behavioral or emotional problems, including higher rates of PTSD than Vietnam veterans and they are 4x more likely to commit suicide
Lack of Employment
51% of foster youth are unemployed and
40% are on public assistance within
2-4 years of aging out of care

With the proper support and guidance, a job and a place to live, former foster youth can make a successful transition to adulthood.

The United Friends Impact
High School Graduation
100% of College Readiness students in our program 4+ years graduate from high school
College Readiness
97% of College Readiness students graduate eligible to attend college
College Sponsorship
70% of College Sponsorship participants on average earn a bachelor’s degree
Stable Housing
87% of Pathways alumni are in stable housing
74% of Pathways alumni are employed
Through our Housing and Education Programs, United Friends is changing the face of foster care in Los Angeles.
United Friends Serves
Current and former foster youth annually,
including approximately...
College Readiness Program
College Sponsorship Program
Pathways Transitional Housing Program
Pathways Alumni Program
Workshop and Event Participants

“I was stripped from my parents. I was stripped from everything I knew. Being in foster care was like a nightmare I never woke up from. My life was just really changed when I came to UFC’s Pathways Program. That was the time where I went from this caterpillar into a butterfly. With UFC it’s not just about a roof over your head. It’s about helping you become a sustainable adult.”

—Danielle, UFC Pathways Program Graduate

Get Involved—Change Lives

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