UFC relies on multiple revenue streams to support the organization - including foundation, corporate and government grants, and individual donations.

Archived Financials

An independent accounting firm is engaged to review and audit our annual financial statements. The audit is conducted in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America (“GAAS”).  The accounting firm reports to our board’s Audit Committee.

Top Corporate and Foundation Donors

UFC is proud of — and extremely grateful to — the many funders who generously support our efforts to secure the futures of more than 1,400 Los Angeles County foster youth each year.  Among our leading supporters during the past year, we are pleased to recognize:


The commitment to evaluation at UFC is strong

The overarching aim is to assess the effectiveness of UFC’s programs in improving outcomes for both current and former foster youth, as well as to study the impact of UFC’s relationship-based approach to serving youth.

  1. Excellence + Impact

    One of our core values is to embrace program evaluation that leads to excellence and impact both within the organization and in the broader community.

  2. Data Driven Success

    As an organization that believes in the importance of data driven success, UFC utilizes collected data to develop, test, evolve and grow its programs.

  3. Key Outcomes, Milestones + Indicators

    We’ve finalized an outcomes framework that sets forth key outcomes, milestones and indicators for each of our programs to track and measure program effectiveness in helping current and former foster youth become self-sufficient.